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Cecal volvulus is a rare form of intestinal obstruction. It occurs when the cecum, which is between the small bowel and colon, detaches from the abdominal wall and twists on itself. This is.. Cecal volvulus is a type of intestinal malrotation that occurs in the lower part of the bowel. It can involve the cecum, terminal ileum, or colon. Cecal volvulus is not as common as other types of intestinal torsion, but all can lead to potentially serious bowel obstructions

Caecal volvulus is characterised anatomically by the axial twisting that occurs involving the caecum, terminal ileum, and ascending colon. 1,2 Caecal bascule is a variant of this condition associated with the upward and anterior folding of the ascending colon and accounts for about 10% of all caecal volvulus cases 2 (figs 1 and 2) A cecal volvulus is the rotation or torsion of a mobile cecum and ascending colon, which causes approximately 1 to 3 percent of all large bowel obstructions . If untreated, cecal volvulus can progress to bowel ischemia, necrosis, or perforation [ 4-8 ] Cecal volvulus is a twisted loop of the bowel (axial twist of the cecum, ascending colon and terminal ileum) around their mesenteric pedicles 1). When a volvulus involves the cecum alone, it is also called a cecal bascule Cecal Volvulus is a condition of intestinal malrotation in which there is axial twisting which involves the cecum, terminal ileum, and the ascending colon. Cecal Bascule is another variant of Cecal Volvulus and is associated with upward and anterior folding of ascending colon and this variant is responsible for about 10% of cases of cecal volvulus Cecal volvulus is slightly less common than sigmoid volvulus and is associated with symptoms of abdominal pain and small bowel obstruction. Volvulus can also occur in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy due to the smooth muscle dysfunction. [citation needed] Gastric volvulus causes nausea, vomiting, and pain in the uooer abdomen

Cecal Volvulus: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatmen

  1. Both children and adults with volvulus may also develop hemodynamic instability from not having enough fluid intake or being in septic shock. The most common location for volvulus to occur in adults is the sigmoid colon and cecum. The stomach may also be affected. In children, the small intestine is usually the location of its occurrence. 4
  2. Cecal volvulus is a serious medical issue involving the intestines where the cecum, the first portion of the large intestine, loops around itself and creates an obstruction. This condition can be very dangerous, and is treated with surgery to correct the twisting of the intestine and position the cecum so it cannot loop around itself again
  3. al pain, distention, and obstipation. Contrast-enhanced CT has replaced abdo
  4. Cecal volvulus is second only to sigmoid volvulus in its frequency of occurrence. Diagnostic doubt is not uncommon in cecal volvulus; nonoperative decompression is rarely achievable; and if gangrene supervenes, mortality rises appreciably. Resection is mandatory for gangrene and a grossly distended, thin-walled cecum

Cecal Volvulus: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatmen

Cecal volvulus is twisting of the cecum and ascending colon. Normally, the cecum and ascending colon are fixed to the abdominal wall. If improperly attached, they can move and become twisted. Symptoms of Cecal Volvulus Forty-six percent of the plain abdominal radiographs were suspected for cecal volvulus, but only 17 percent were diagnostic. Barium enema had a high rate of accuracy (88 percent) and was associated with minimal complications. True volvulus was 6 times more common than bascule, and gangrenous cecum was found in 20 percent of cases Closely related to a cecal volvulus is a cecal bascule in which malfixation allows the cecum to fold anteriorly and in a cephalad direction, which can result in a flap-valve obstruction with cecal distention. Abdominal x-rays reveal distention of the cecum, but no bird beak is seen on a barium enema, as in volvulus Cecal volvulus can be either organoaxial (cecocolic or true cecal volvulus) or mesentericoaxial (cecal bascule). In the organoaxial variety, the ascending colon and distal ileum twist around each other in a clockwise manner

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Cecal volvulus may be organoaxial (true cecal or cecocolic volvulus) or mesentericoaxial (cecal bascule). The former involves the distal ileum and ascending colon twisting around each other, in much the same way as a sigmoid volvulus. Compared with sigmoid volvulus, in which the torsion is in a counterclockwise direction, cecal volvulus usually. Cecal volvulus most commonly occurs in the second and third decade of life, compared to sigmoid volvulus that occurs in the seventh and eighth decade of life. Patients that have psychiatric conditions or are institutionalized and taking psychotropic drugs have a higher incidence of colonic volvulus Cecal volvulus. arises in the right lower quadrant. extends towards the epigastrium or left upper quadrant. colonic haustral pattern is maintained. distal colon is usually collapsed and the small bowel is distended. one air-fluid level may be seen 1 Cecal bascule is the rarest type of cecal volvulus, accounting for 5-20% of all cases. Although several case reports have been published, there is no consensus regarding its diagnosis and treatment


Cecal volvulus which was managed with urgent surgery and right hemicolectomy. Colonic volvulus can be challenging to follow on CT, and at times it is helpful to look at the scout images, which in this case has the fairly typical appearance of dilated colon flipped up into the upper/mid-abdomen Caecal volvulus, first described by Rokitansky in 1837, is characterized by an acute bowel obstruction with strangulation. The mechanism is torsion or hyperflexion (otherwise known as bascule) of an enlarged, poorly fixed, and hypermobile cecum. Torsion is the axial twisting of the cecum, terminal ileum, and ascending colon and accounts. 1. Introduction. Cecal volvulus is an axial twisting of the cecum, involving terminal ileum and ascending colon du to absence of normal cecal fixation [].The First description of cecal volvulus was made by Rokitansky in 1837 [].It is responsible for 25%-40% of all volvulus of colon in adults and represents the second part of the colon that is most commonly affected by the volvulus after. Cecal volvulus accounts for about 1% of intestinal obstructions and 10%-40% of cases of colonic volvulus.1, 2 The second most common type of colonic volvulus (after sigmoid volvulus), it is associated with a lack of normal retroperitoneal attachments of the right colon. Risk factors include adhesions, malrotation, colonic distension or upward displacement of the cecum.2 Presenting signs and. Cecal volvulus Power Point. 1. 26 year old female with acute onset of severe abdominal pain and nausea. Also complaining of distended right sided abdomen. She has no medical history, otherwise healthy female. T 98.6 P 100 R 16 BP 120/80 Gen: normal appearing female who appears to be in pain HEENT: PERRLA, oropharynx clear, NC/AT head CV: RRR no.

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The term cecal volvulus is a misnomer because, in most patients with cecal volvulus, the torsion is located in the ascending colon above the ileocecal valve. In general, a partial malrotation is necessary for cecal volvulus to occur, because the cecum and parts of the ascending colon are involved Cecal volvulus is the rotation or torsion of a flexible cecum and ascending colon, frequently progressing to bowel obstruction, ischemia, necrosis, and perforation unless promptly treated [1] The diagnosis of cecal volvulus is confirmed surgically (Figure 3) and right hemicolectomy is performed with uneventful post-operative recovery. Interestingly, a review of the patient's imaging data retrieves an abdominal CT performed five years earlier, already showing a wandering long ectopic cecum with neither distention nor volvulus. A diagnosis of cecal volvulus often is confirmed with a contrast material enema study or CT. During the enema, the distal colon usually is decompressed, and there is a beaklike tapering at the level of the volvulus. It usually is not possible for much contrast material to pass beyond the volvulus into the more dilated proximal colon and.

useful to distinguish organoaxial cecal volvulus from cecal bascule and may facilitate the diagnosis of colonic isch-emia.41,42,45-47 in the study by wenson et al,s 10 the positive diagnostic yield of Ct for cecal and sigmoid volvulus was 71% and 89%. ther diagnoses that can mimic the preo - sentation of colonic volvulus, such as obstruction. Cecal volvulus can be either organoaxial (cecocolic or true cecal volvulus) or mesentericoaxial (cecal bascule). In the organoaxial variety, the ascending colon and distal ileum twist around each other in a clockwise manner. However, in the mesentericoaxial sub-type, the caecum is not completely fixed and is located anteriorly over the. Volvulus with gangrene of the sigmoid. Twisting of loop of bowel causing bowel obstruction and (if severe) ischemia, gangrene, perforation. Generally affects adults aged 60-70. Can cause severe third-spacing, electrolyte abnormality, and abdominal distention. Common sites include cecum and sigmoid. Cecal volvulus - mobile segment of cecum.


volvulus.13 In contrast, surgical management is preferred over colonoscopy in patients with cecal volvulus because endoscopic reduction is rarely effective and is associated with a higher risk of perforation.13,14 The endoscopic appearance of sigmoid volvulus is char-acterized by 2 points of abruptly twisted or converging co-lon mucosa Avec le volvulus cecal, le côlon est tordu et ne peut pas fonctionner correctement à cause de l'interférence du décollement du cæcum. Selon Radiopaedia, cet état représente environ 10 % de toutes les volvules du tractus intestinal. Elle a également tendance à toucher les personnes âgées de 30 à 60 ans Volvulus, derived from the Latin term volvere, is a subtype of abnormal gastrointestinal (GI) rotation. In volvulus, a loop of intestines is twisted at a point along the mesentery that is attached. Compared with cecal volvulus, sigmoid volvulus was more common in men, patients with neurologic diagnoses, and residents of skilled nursing home. Eighty-five percent of the cases presented were acutely obstructed. The diagnosis was established by abdominal x-ray (17%), contrast enema study (27%), CT scan (35%), or laparotomy (17%)..

To the Editor: There are many recognized physical risks to the serious runner, ranging from external attacks by birds of prey 1 to occult internal bleeding. 2 Recent experience with two patients led us to suspect that yet another malady may be associated with serious running: cecal volvulus. Patient 1 was a 160-lb (72-kg) man who was 6 ft 3 1/2 in. (192 cm) tall and 42 years old Volvulus of the cecum is a torsion of the bowel around its own mesentery that often results in a closed-loop obstruction. Cecal volvulus can only occur in the small percentage (11-25%) of the population who have a developmental failure of peritoneal fixation, allowing the proximal colon to be free and mobile [].The second requirement is restriction of the bowel at a fixed point within the. A volvulus refers to abnormal twisting of a part of the large or small intestine. This twisting may lead to a bowel obstruction, which can cause severe complications. A volvulus is a medical. Cecal volvulus. Doctors treat cecal volvulus with surgery. Most often, doctors will remove the affected part of the cecum and colon. In some cases, doctors may perform surgery to untwist the volvulus and attach the cecum to the wall of the abdomen to hold it in place. Reference

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This is an example of cecal volvulus. Volvulus is a twisting of the bowel. Volvulus is most common in adults, where it occurs with equal frequency in small intestine (around a twisted mesentery) and colon (in either sigmoid or cecum which are more mobile) Cecal volvulus is an axial twist of the cecum, ascending colon, and terminal ileum around a mesenteric pedicle. The original description of cecal volvulus was by Rokitansky in 1837 as a cause of intestinal strangulation .Cecal volvulus is relatively uncommon in clinical surgery with an incidence of 2.8 to 7.1 per million people per year .Cecal volvulus accounts for approximately 1% of acute. Cecal Volvulus Shaun R. Rybak CLINICAL HISTORY 48-year-old female with acute abdominal pain and bloating. Figure 23A Figure 23B Figure 23C Figure 23D Figure 23E FINDINGS Figures 23A, 23B, 23C, and 23D: Axial contrast-enhanced CT images of the abdomen demonstrate a dilated volvulated cecum (asterisk) with a long air-fluid level and whirling/twisting of the mesenteri Cecal Volvulus Resolved Spontaneously Yosuke Kunishi 1, Megumi Tsukamoto , Takafumi Yanagibashi 1, Yuki Sodani , Kazuhiro Niwa1, Koichiro Yoshie2, Yoshio Kato1 and Shin Maeda3 Abstract: Cecal volvulus is an uncommon cause of colonic obstruction. First-line treatment for cecal volvulus is sur-gery, as nonoperative management is rarely achievable

Cecal volvulus accounts for approximately 1 % of the intestinal obstruction. Etiology includes congenital development of fixation, secondary to adhesion, scarring or mass lesions. Two types of torsion are described: axial torsion and cecal bascule. Cecal bascule occurs when the cecum folds anteriorly without any torsion and is detected as a. Dengan volvulus cecal, usus besar terpelintir dan tidak dapat bekerja dengan baik karena gangguan dari pelepasan sekum. Menurut Radiopaedia, kondisi ini menyumbang sekitar 10 persen dari semua volvuli saluran usus. Itu juga cenderung mempengaruhi orang-orang yang berusia 30 hingga 60 tahun Cecal Volvulus in Children. Abdominal Pain is a common complaint in children and may be due to a wide variety of conditions, both severe and benign (ex, Appendicitis, Strep Throat, Constipation, and Chronic Recurrent Abdominal Pain ). It really can test our clinical skills. Is the presentation more concerning for mechanical issues like.

Cecal Volvulus. Two coronal reformatted CT scans of the abdomen are shown. In the upper photo, the white arrows point to the region of the twist in the cecum (C) itself. In the lower photo, the white arrow indicates the cecum (C) flips from the right lower quadrant to the left upper quadrant, rotating on its mesentery Cecal volvulus as an uncommon cause of acute intestinal obstruction is axial twist of the cecum, ascending colon and terminal ileum around their mesenteric pedicles. Although there are many different etiologic and predisposing factors for cecal volvulus, exact etiology is most likely multifactorial in presence of mobile cecum KUB is Diagnostic of Cecal Volvulus in Only 17% of Cases (Dis Colon Rectum, 1990) [ MEDLINE] Findings. Coffee Bean or Comma-Shaped Cecum with Air-Fluid Level: seen in approximately 25% of patients with cecal volvulus. Dilated Cecum is Usually Displaced Medially and Superiorly. However, the Cecum Can Be Displaced Anywhere in the Abdomen A review of 561 cases of cecal volvulus that were published between 1959 and 1989 along with 7 new cases, was performed to characterize the clinical and laboratory profile and to evaluate the various surgical options in treating this life-threatening condition. The age and sex distribution of these patients have changed over the years and shifted toward older patients (mean, 53 years) and.

Cecal volvulus is an uncommon cause of intestinal obstruction [5, 6]. Previous abdominal surgery has been identified as a risk factor for cecal volvulus [ 7 ]. It is intuitive that operations that mobilize the right colon by taking down the lateral retroperitoneal attachments could predispose patients to cecal volvulus by increasing the. Cecal volvulus. 1. 56 year old female with T 98.6 P 100 R 16 BP 120/80 Gen: normal appearing female who acute onset of severe appears to be in pain abdominal pain and HEENT: PERRLA, oropharynx clear, NC/AT head nausea 80yo M with a history of chronic constipation presents with obstipation and nausea/vomiting. CT revealed cecal volvulus. He underwent right hemicolectomy.. Cecal volvulus is a quite rare pathologic condition and therefore sometimes misdiagnosed, but is indeed more common than thought. It occurs with aspecific acute onset abdominal pain associated to nausea and vomiting, so that it often poses a diagnostic challenge for the clinician who needs radiological consultation for furthe

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Cecal volvulus in pregnancy. Colonic volvulus is an important entity to consider in any pregnant patient with abdominal pain. X-ray and colonoscopy can be useful to obtain the earliest diagnosis, leading to surgical intervention if necessary. Limited use of x-rays with shielding of the fetus is of minimal risk and useful for early diagnosis of. The cecum becomes distended with gas and expands into the pelvic inlet with the apex directed caudally. In contrast, volvulus of the cecum is an acute, life-threatening condition characterized by abdominal distention, absence of feces, colic, and death if untreated Cecal volvulus. Gastrointestinal tract images Traditionally, cecal volvulus was suggested with conventional radiography and confirmed either with a barium enema or colonoscopy. Most often cecal volvulus is idiopathic, but occasionally it is induced by a more distal partial obstruction. Computed tomography appears to be more accurate than. Síntomas de vólvulo cecal. El vólvulo cecal afecta el tracto gastrointestinal inferior (GI). Esta porción del tracto gastrointestinal se extiende desde el intestino grueso hasta el ano. El intestino grueso absorbe los nutrientes sobrantes de los alimentos que usted come y bebe, convirtiéndolos en desecho a través del colon y el recto Cecal volvulus . General Considerations. Volvulus is 3 rd most common cause of colonic obstruction. Following obstructing carcinoma and inflammatory stricture; Two most common forms are. Cecal; Sigmoid; Cecal volvulus can be associated with. Malrotation of the colon; Abnormally long mesentery of cecum and ascending colon; MORE . . .

View This Abstract Online; Cecal volvulus. Dis Colon Rectum. 1990; 33(9):765-9 (ISSN: 0012-3706). Rabinovici R; Simansky DA; Kaplan O; Mavor E; Manny J. A review of 561 cases of cecal volvulus that were published between 1959 and 1989 along with 7 new cases, was performed to characterize the clinical and laboratory profile and to evaluate the various surgical options in treating this life. Cecal volvulus is the rotation or torsion of a flexible cecum and ascending colon, frequently progressing to bowel obstruction, ischemia, necrosis, and perforation unless promptly treated [1]. It is an uncommon entity, with a relatively low incidence, causing approximately 1% of all colonic obstructions, but is associated with significant. Cecal volvulus is a severe surgical abdominal condition, predisposed by abnormal cecal mobility and incomplete intestinal rotation. It represents a cause of access to the emergency department, potentially occurring with acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction. Both conventional X-ray radiography and contrast enhanced CT are crucial in the. The term cecal volvulus is a misnomer because, in most patients with cecal volvulus, the torsion is located in the ascending colon above the ileocecal valve. A partial malrotation is necessary for cecal volvulus to occur. Such poor ï¬xation leads to excessive cecal mobility and the potential for vascular compromise Cecal volvulus is a little bit of a misnomer. It isn't just the cecum that volvulizes. The entire ascending colon lacks normal fixation to the retroperitoneum and you get cecocolonic twisting around the ileocolic vascular pedicle. Patients will present with apparent distal small bowel obstruction and decompressed distal transverse colon

Medical Definition of Cecal volvulus. home / medterms medical dictionary a-z list / cecal volvulus definition Cecal volvulus was correctly diagnosed by barium enema in 20 of the 29 patients (69%) undergoing the study. Eighteen of the patients were treated by cecopexy, 14 by resection, 12 by detorsion alone, and 6 by tube cecostomy. Mortality was 12% (6/50) and was associated with gangrenous cecum (33%, 3/9), other systemic diseases (24%, 5/21), age. Cecal volvulus can be a potentially fatal condition due to associated vascular compromise as related in this report.1,2,3 Moreover, it is an entity that is hard to diagnose clinically and which may present unspecified symptoms, highlighting the role of imaging findings Bibliographical note Funding Information: We acknowledge the generous support from the William Harmon Surgical Education Fund. We also acknowledge Harmon Design Studios Inc. for graphics and images; the late Dr. William G. Gamble, who was the first surgeon to suggest a link between cecal volvulus and long-distance running Colon Volvulus Cecal 2202 Volvulus Cecum Uph. Associated Terms. Colon Volvulus Cecal. Colon Volvulus Cecal 2203 Volvulus. Associated Terms. Colon Volvulus Cecal. Department of Surgery. The University of Arizona is an EEO/AA - M/W/D/V Employer. admin Web development by UAHS Biocom

A volvulus is a bowel obstruction with a loop of bowel whose nose has abnormally twisted on itself. Types. volvulus neonatorum. volvulus of the small intestine. volvulus of the caecum (cecum), also cecal volvulus. sigmoid colon volvulus (sigmoid volvulus) volvulus of the transverse colon. volvulus of the splenic flexure, the rarest Cecum and ascending colon, resection: Segment of colon with patchy transmural necrosis and serosal adhesions (see comment) Necrosis extends to distal resection margin; proximal margin unremarkable. Four benign lymph nodes. Comment: The findings are consistent with the clinical impression of volvulus as reported in the operative note The mobile cecum syndrome includes a spectrum of conditions. The cecal volvulus represents the acute form, with typical feature of a bowel obstruction that needs immediate operative treatment. On the other hand, a chronic form of mobile cecum syndrome which is the most common form reported a history of intermittent crampy abdominal pain, distension, and constipation Cecal volvulus yra reta žarnyno nepraeinamumo forma. Atsiranda, kai blauzdikaulis, esantis tarp plonosios žarnos ir storosios žarnos, atsiskiria nuo pilvo sienos ir pasislenka pats. Tai skiriasi nuo skrandžio ir sigmoidinio volvo. Pirmasis reiškia skrandžio sukimąsi, o antrąjį sudaro gaubtinės ir dubens dalių susukimas

Intestinal malrotation is a defect that occurs at the 10th week of gestation. During this stage of development, the intestines normally migrate back into the abdominal cavity following a brief period where they are temporarily located at the base of the umbilical cord A small-intestinal volvulus is seen when the intestine rotates on its mesenteric axis >180°. As the degree of the rotation increases, the vascular supply to the intestine is lost. Presumably because of its attachment to the cecum, the distal aspect of the volvulus is the ileum in most cases

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cecal volvulus, which may be associated with whirl sign that is an area of swirling of the bowel and its mesentery [12]. Symptomatic cases should usually be managed by open or laparoscopic diverticulectomy or segmental resection of the smal Cecal volvulus can only occur when there is a developmental failure of peritoneal fixation, allowing the proximal colon to be free and mobile. The second requirement is restriction of the bowel at a fixed point such as an adhesion, abdominal mass, or scarring from calcified lymph nodes Cecal volvulus accounts for 1% to 3% of large bowel obstructions .It is more common in children with psychomotor retardation and/or chronic constipation. Diagnosing cecal volvulus is commonly challenging, reflected by delay in diagnosis of approximately 2 days from the onset of symptoms

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CECAL VOLVULUS. Figure 2: Cecal volvulus with a coffee bean sign. The cecum and terminal ileum share a common mesentery which can twist in an axial direction, producing a volvulus and a more proximal small intestinal obstruction. Rarely, the base of the cecum may fold upon itself producing a cecal bascule Cecal volvulus (utah.edu). Volvulus (uic.edu). Microscopic. Features: +/-Ischemic changes and/or necrosis. DDx: Essentially anything that causes ischemia: Embolus. Thrombosis. Vasculitis. Others. Sign out Sigmoid Colon, Excision: - Colonic wall with submucosal edema and zonal early degenerative change of the mucosa, see comment

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The ninth patient's cecal volvulus was secondary to obstructive carcinoma. He was treated by transverse colostomy and sigmoid resection. A distinction is made between cecal volvulus which is more common in women, rotates in a clockwise direction, and is best treated by primary right colectomy, and sigmoid volvulus, more common in men, rotating. Antibiotics if gangrenous bowel is suspected (triple coverage with ampicillin, gentamicin, metronidazole) Sigmoid volvulus may be managed non-operatively by endoscopic detorsion. Successful in 50-90% of cases. Contraindicated if perforation or gangrenous bowel suspected. All cases of cecal volvulus should be managed operatively Cecal volvulus accounts for about 1% of intesti-nal obstructions and 10%-40% of cases of colonic volvulus.1,2The second most common type of co-lonic volvulus (after sigmoid volvulus), it is associ-ated with a lack of normal retroperitoneal attach-ments of the right colon. Risk factors includ Cecal Volvulus large intestine Emergency Surgery. Follow Posted 5 years ago, 10 users are following. robinusa70. I had emergency surgery due to a bowel obstruction, the entire surgical staff was called into the ER at 3am in May, I believe i had 2' of bowel removed. I've been miserable since Cecal Volvulus, graphic [1 of 3] Lines Lines and Labels Mouse-Over: « Previous Home Next.

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with cecal volvulus in the report impression. This search initially identified 51 patients who underwent abdominal CT with clinical concern for cecal volvulus. Eight of these examinations were then excluded because of a lack of surgi-cal, clinical, or follow-up information in the elec - tronic medical record (EMR) to provide a refer Cecal volvulus is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction. In this report, we present a 41 year-old patient with cecal volvulus, and we discuss this very rare entity Cecal volvulus (CV) is an extremely rare cause of intestinal obstruction in the pediatric age group. Cecal mobility, due to malfixation and malrotation, is the main cause. CV usually presents with constipation, abdominal pain, and distention. Common complications entail strangulation, ischemia, and gangrene Cecal volvulus was first described by Hildanus in the sixteenth century and later by Rokitansky in 1837. It is a surgical emergency, resulting from an axial twist of the cecum, distal ileum and proximal colon around a mesenteric pedicle. It is the second most common location for colonic volvulus following the sigmoid and is responsible for 20. An intestinal volvulus is defined as a torsion of a certain part of the intestinal tract. In case of a cecal volvulus this torsion comprises the terminal ileum, the cecum itself and the ascending colon. The volvulus is associated with intestinal obstruction and tissue infarction that may lead to tissue gangrene and death. Cecal Volvulus (Volvulus of the Cecum): Read more about Symptoms.

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